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Dr. Gail P. Riley, PsyD, LMFT - 5 Stars!

Currently, I am working on my second project with Denise Richard of dRichards Interiors. Not only is Denise a woman of integrity, she is also exceedingly knowledgeable of products, design, currents trends, and design history.

My first experience with dRichards Interiors was one in which her organization rescued me from an unscrupulous contractor. She used her expertise in design and excellent contacts with sub-contractors, to circumvent the challenges instigated by an inept contractor.

If it had not been for the intervention of dRichards Interiors my project would have been a disaster. Instead, due to dRichards Interiors, my experience culminated as an outstanding remodel of my home. Denise is well organized, dependable and she always has her clients’ interest in mind. Her knowledge of design and design history is extensive. In fact, she really is the epitome of design science.

Denise and her team are far beyond in skill and experience than most. She always ends up with an excellent product. Highly recommended.Read More

We received a recommendation for dRichards Interiors for our second home remodel project and could not have been more pleased with the results. Our first meeting with Denise Richards and Jila Parva did not fail to impress. They are two lovely, talented, knowledgeable, creative, professional, warm but (do not be fooled) very chic designers whose experience and gifts flowed into our project. Their commitment to transforming our Craftsman-themed home, and bringing it into the 21st century while maintaining that Craftsman style, never lost energy nor creativity. They procured a unique and stunning array of fabrics and materials and textiles not seen anywhere which made our home a unique design. Our vision and desires were keenly heard and honed. Their talent transformed this home into a serene, harmonious haven in the hills. Always very professional and tactful, they valued everyone's time and resources and never lost interest but, even as we are 99 percent finished, continue to search for unique finishing touches reflecting our love of nature. We highly recommend dRichards for any design project. You will be quite the satisfied client.Read More

It is with great pleasure that I write this review for Denise Richards Interiors. As an architect, it is of paramount concern whom I chose to work with on my projects, as my own reputation is at stake. Denise Richards is the only interior designer I refer to my clients. She and Jila understand architecture and design, and enjoy working as a team with my firm and my clients. Their designs are sensitive, creative, beautiful, and harmonious with the architecture. They are a joy to work with!Read More

Working with Denise Richards and her team on custom carpets I am able to see first hand their love for design and skill to provide one of kind innovative designs. Each project is approached individually with professionalism and a clear design vision to the outcome. *Not to mention they are some of the nicest people I have ever worked with. If you are looking the best interior design firm, look no further!Read More

Denise and Jila were an absolute pleasure to work with and have created a beautiful, peaceful sanctuary that we love to come home to! From the first consultation, Denise totally understood our taste and style and worked closely with our contractor to create a truly stunning home. Denise and Jila were wonderful in dealing with issues with materials or fixtures and always ensured that matters were resolved quickly and professionally. Their focus truly is making their clients happy! I was impressed with their ability to take a general idea and hone in on the key aspects to create something that was so much more than anything I originally envisioned. I absolutely cannot recommend Denise and Jila highly enough--we are beyond thrilled with our home!Read More



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